Buying a Home in San Antonio, TX

I was on the San Antonio Living Show talking about the steps you need to take when you are thinking of buying a home. It’s important to know your credit! Order your credit report and look for any discrepancies. You will also want to speak to a lender. Know what loan programs are available to you and what kind of down payment you will need. Your REALTOR can assist you in finding a lender if you don’t have one. Having a REALTOR that can help you through the process is important. Make sure they know the city and are they a full time REALTOR? If you need assistance buying a home we can help! Call or text 210-215-6897 or email is and we can set up a visit to talk. You can also search our site for homes…click here.

For Rent — Medical Center Condo

San Antonio rental available for immediate move-in! A mile away from the medical center this condo is 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 eating areas, a large living area, covered parking, and with extra storage space off patio. A great gated community with pool. Located at 8415 Fredericksburg #104, San Antonio, TX 78229. Monthly rent is $1200 and includes refrigerator and stackable washer/dryer. Call or text 210-215-6897 today for a showing.

Move-in ready!


San Antonio, TX Real Estate Market Update

In February we saw increases by three percent in the average sales price and the number of homes sold. We continue to see homes selling for 97% of the list price. This means sellers are getting close to their asking price. Homes under $200,000 remain the most popular price point, but the range of $200,000 to $500,000 is not too far behind. If February is any indication of the housing market we can expect a busy Spring and Summer.

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Curb Appeal: Buyer’s do Judge a Book by It’s Cover!

“My home’s beautifully redone interior will far outweigh the ho-hum exterior.” Admit it, you’ve either said this or thought this. And while you might have a valid point, you’ll be waiting roughly three times as long for a “Sold” sign to hang in your front yard. Why? Your curb appeal is lacking. I know what you’re thinking, “It’s too expensive. It’s too time consuming. Do buyers really care?” Yes, they do care, it doesn’t have to consume all of your time and you can do it all within budget. Here are a few reasons why curb appeal matters and how you can do so on a modest budget.

1. You Do Want That “Sold” Sign in Your Front Yard, Right?
On average, a home with curb appeal sells three times quicker than a home with a “diamond in the rough” exterior. Sure, your home may only need a coat of paint and the shutters may just need to be re-hung but to a prospective buyer, it looks like a million things need to be done. Remember, a buyer typically sees your house online before ever seeing it in person. You don’t want to lose the opportunity to have them come in and see your home firsthand. So, realize that curb appeal is a necessary expense that will pay off in the end.

2. Your Home Probably Doesn’t Need as Much Work as You Think.
Take a good look at your home. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer (although, I’d assume that if you’re selling your home, that you’re also a prospective buyer too). Does your home just need a fresh coat of paint? Is your walkway easily accessible? Is your grass neatly edged or does it have dead spots? Can people view the numbers of your home address clearly? Does the style of your front door seem outdated? How does the driveway look? Are there cracks and oil stains? When you consider all of these things, you’ll realize that not only are these easily fixed in a weekend but they wont cost you too much money. Maybe your driveway, walkway and maybe even your home could just use a good power washing. Perhaps your yard needs to be cut and edged, so you could possible hire your neighbors teenager for a quick $20. Home depot, Lowes, Walmart and Ace all have numbers and letters for your homes exterior so that your address is easily read from the street. These quick fixes can do an awful lot to amp up your curb appeal.

3. Plants! People Love Plants!
And not just any plants, mind you. Indigenous plants are ideal. They tend to need less care and can survive your area’s climate. Although it’s typically cheaper to buy juvenile plants and trees, it’s advisable to spend a tad more for the mature variations. Why? They instantly add curb appeal and prospective buyers will know right away what the plant(s) look like with the home. Seeing a juvenile plant, many buyers won’t have an idea of the species or what it will grow to look like. On another note, should you choose to plant flowers, red and yellow seem to be the most preferred in terms of curb appeal. It happens to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

4. Believe it or not, it Can and Will Save You Money in the Long Run.
I know, you’re wondering how. Let’s say you plant some shrubs or mature trees along the perimeter of your home. If you place them in a slightly slanted irrigation pattern, rain run off will travel away from your home as opposed to towards it. Why is this important? Here in South Texas, we typically don’t have basements but should you find an older home that does have one, you never want to run the risk of having to deal with flooding. You can’t predict Mother Nature and rain. It’s best to be safer than sorry. Another way it can potentially save you money is energy costs. If you plant a mature tree or high shrubs near windows, it can potentially save you on energy cooling by blocking direct sunlight.

5. Final Tips and Thoughts:
Keeping a nice looking yard can keep your home and family safe. If your lawn, shrubs and flower beds are kept nice and neat, you greatly reduce your chances of a home robbery. If there’s nowhere for the thief to hide and watch you, there’s little chance he’ll take the chance to rob your home.
Keeping a nice exterior will also promote better relationships with neighbors and keep the property values of the neighborhood intact.

It’s important to take full advantage of these tips while residing in your home, but it’s also beneficial for your prospective home buyer. You want to not just sell your home (and quickly I might add) but you also want to sell them a home they can not just enjoy but one in which they too can feel safe.

I hope you will find this list to be helpful. If you’re ready to put your home on the market, give us a call at (210) 372-0318.
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So You’re Ready to Purchase a Home…

You’re ready for the keys and you’ve got your lucky pen at the ready but how do you know that this is the right home for you? Most prospective home buyers have a list of considerations they consult constantly during their home search. I am sure you do too but it’s what’s on your list that makes a difference. I’d like to share some considerations that will be useful to you while searching for your dream home.

1. Truly Know Your Likes and Dislikes.
Are you willing to put in a little “sweat-equity”, even if it’s just tearing up Formica countertops? Are you desiring a big backyard and refuse to settle for a small garden? Are you willing to be on a busy thoroughfare or at the end of a cul-de-sac? Listing all of your likes and dislikes will help to narrow down your search. Also decide whether you have a little wiggle room on your likes and dislikes. Perhaps you’ve found your dream neighborhood but not your dream location. Are you willing to give up the end house on a cul-de-sac for the busy thoroughfare of your favorite neighborhood? It’s important to be honest with yourself and your agent. Your time is precious, it’s best to make the most of it.

2. The Search is On!
Having the ability to search homes 24 hours a day makes this a fairly easy step. Whenever possible, see the home(s) you are interested in, in person. Whether you simply drive by, schedule an appointment with your realtor or have trusted individuals see the home, it’s important to be able to see the home inside and out. Most sellers and realtors try to take accurate photos but nothing replaces being able to see the home in person. Not only will you be able to see every inch of the home, but you’ll be able to get a glimpse into the neighborhood and neighbors. Another great tip: check out the neighborhood on weekdays, weekends, day and nighttime.

3. Remember: There is a Difference Between WANTS and NEEDS.
Of course we all want a backyard oasis in the form of a pool but if you ask yourself whether you need or want it, I suspect you’ll find it fits under the WANTS. If you consider that having a pool raises home insurance premiums and demands constant upkeep, you’ll quickly realize that although it’s a bonus to have, it isn’t necessarily a NEED. Keeping an example like this in the back of your mind will help you make sound decisions when searching and purchasing a home.

4. Are Your Finances Ready?
Now for the fun part. You’ve met with your bank, you have your pre-approval in hand, you’ve checked your credit score and now you’re ready to make the biggest purchase of your life. But wait! What about your budget? Sure, you’ve easily afforded your previous rents and financial obligations but have you considered emergency funds, household fixes (plumbing always seems to creep up out of nowhere), insurance and HOA fees (assuming your new neighborhood of choice has HOA)? Just because your bank says you can afford the house, doesn’t mean your budget agrees. Be sure to take a serious look at your financial status before buying your home. No one said it would be easy.

5. Find a Realtor You Can Trust
Well, look no further because you’ve found us! In all seriousness, finding a realtor or company you can trust is paramount. They will be your eyes and ears throughout the entire home buying process. It’s important to be open and honest with your realtor as they will be with you. Understand that perhaps you will hit a snag or two here and there while searching and purchasing a home but rest assured that that’s what we are here for: to help you find your perfect home!

I hope that this list will be helpful to you. To start looking for your dream home today, call us at (210) 372-0318 or visit